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Pianeta Tessile, now managed by CT Industrie srl in association with Jiangsu Sainty,  was founded on 1995 with the cooperation of the two founders one, a fine product manager with good commercial attitudes and a very successful Textile Industry owner.

The target product for Pianeta Tessile was from the beginning coated fabric for men and ladies jackets.  In a short time the company becomes one  of the leaders in the national market starting to approach the European and Extra European markets. The technological” know how”  is at maximum level with a research center  for development of new products and availability to the latest and most innovative  chemicals with a very good cost and performance rate. This strategy allowed us to reach our best performance in the early years of 2000 reaching the US market.

Around 2009, with development of the textile market in Asia , the Jacket makers are the first to move an important part of their production to this area, consequently our company started to look for potential industrial  partners where to start experiments with machinery and chemicals. The availability of fabric  has never been a problem.  After the first search it was finally decided to start the cooperation with the Sainty Group in Nanjing, a primary industrial group which covers besides the textile area  also chemical products and is heavily involved in the local energy market. In the last years the business has been more and  more focused  on Asiatic production  keeping in Italy our research center for products and materials and a minor production unit capable to meet the demands of the European market.

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